The Art Of Following Your Bliss

2014-01-18 10.57.55I think most of us have heard the phrase, “Follow your bliss.”

I’m not sure if it’s just me or a human thing, but when I hear that I have often thought, “Yes! That sounds like a good idea. Great advice. Follow what you love and you will be living your Truth, what you were put on the planet to be.” But, does anyone else experience a hiccup when attempting to live that?

HOW does one live one’s bliss? Does that mean I am chilling on the back porch, writing blogs, and eating a little chocolate? What does it look like when it comes to balancing my bliss and my need to fulfill my promise to the mortgage company or my sweetie and my new company? It feels like my bliss is to make my son, my customer, and my neighbor happy, but I can’t figure out how to humanly accomplish that when they all want/need me at the same time. Where does Bliss end and responsibility begin? Or does it? Is there a way to live my Truth so it all works?

I do know that feeling when I’m on the Bliss Trail. When I’m on to what I’m supposed to be doing here in this lifetime. It’s that butterfly-tingly-zing. The energy races through my core. Yahoo! This is it!

I’ve recently gotten that feeling again. I’ve been letting the idea of becoming a spiritual director/companion season a bit. Well, I now know it’s time. When I was casually looking at the different programs I got the zing feeling. So, here I am, embarking on a new leg of the journey. Zing! Taking one step at a time. We’ll see how the bliss and life’s other components work together!


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