Wake Up Calls: A flash flood

2014-04-25 17.53.11I love the metaphors of nature.

I have seen the effects of two flash floods in the past week. What power!

Last week we were hiking in Bandelier National Monument (New Mexico) and saw the aftereffects of a flash flood that happened in 2011. The wall of trees, picnic tables, and rocks was incredible. Especially since there was only a trickle of a stream running through the canyon at that point.

We got home to Maryland earlier this week and after a day and a half of constant rain, witnessed our own river rise several feet in about an hour. We had a month’s worth of rain in a day. The road was overcome by the flood waters. Nature’s power is awesome.

Once the water receded we could see how far the water went (deep and wide). There is a depth marker and the high water mark’s debris was tangled around 22 feet. You can see the swath of branches, trash, leaves, and trees like a ring around the collar 30-40 feet into the woods on the other side of the road.

Some of us have experienced these flash floods of life, where, out of nowhere we are overcome (or nearly so). There’s that saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” In other words, keep moving forward so you can work your way out of there.

There is no way to outrun the flood. You can’t just keep doing what you’ve been doing. It’s a totally different wake up call. One that says, you need to completely change course and run to higher ground. The higher ground piece is so important. Take the high road, do what you know is right, and don’t dillydally. Do it now!

Walking through hard times is difficult enough, but I’m hoping none of us need a flash flood to wake us up!

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